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Bret Bailey, Licensed Massage Therapist


Bret Bailey, Licenced Massage Therapist, 210 West 101st St, New York, NY  10025 917.923.3251Having studied at The Swedish Institute, I'm extensively trained in both Swedish Massage and Shiatsu.

I believe each of our bodies has its own unique intelligence and awareness- a natural tendency towards well-being. With this in mind, the goal of each session is to encourage the often busy, over-stressed body, to reconnect with that inner source of strength, stability and wellness- to help you to live and perform at your highest level.

I've been fortunate to be a member of the US Open Tennis Championship players' massage team for the past two years.


"Bret has a magic, gentle, yet firm touch that is at the same time very relaxing and highly therapeutic. I have trouble with tension in my shoulders and lower back, and I always feel that my aches are gone after a session with Bret."

- Nancy, Designer/Artist

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue

Trigger Point Therapy

Sports Massage


Cupping Therapy

This is a great Eastern therapy with Western applications.

Using special glass cups, I address areas of muscle tension without the usual pressures associated with deep tissue massage. In fact, rather than pushing into your muscle as is usually done in deep tissue and trigger point therapy, heated cups act as finely tuned vacuums, gently "pulling away" muscle tension and increasing circulation to needed areas.

One important indicator of cupping effectiveness is the distinctive circular marks that remain after treatment. They apear over areas of greater "stagnation" and may range in color from light pink to deep raspberry, usually lasting from 2 - 10 days. (You may have seen these circles on Gwyneth Paltrow or athletes at the Beijing Olympics.)

What I find particularly rewarding, is that with each successive treatment, Clients usually notice a reduction in color intensity. This, according to Eastern belief, tells us that the flow of "Qi" (energy) is being restored to the affected areas. To the Client, this usually translates into less pain and greater ease of movement.

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  Bret Bailey, Licensed Massage Therapist  
Bret Bailey, Licensed Massage Therapist
Bret Bailey, Licensed Massage Therapist  Bret Bailey, Licensed Massage Therapist amt logBret Bailey, Licensed Massage Therapisto
Bret Bailey, Licensed Massage Therapist

Rhinebeck, NY 12572- Next to Burger Hill Park- 917.923.3251

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