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Bret Bailey, Licensed Massage Therapist


Bret Bailey, Licenced Massage Therapist, 210 West 101st St, New York, NY  10025 917.923.3251Having studied at The Swedish Institute, I'm extensively trained in both Swedish Massage and Shiatsu.

I believe each of our bodies has its own unique intelligence and awareness- a natural tendency towards well-being. With this in mind, the goal of each session is to encourage the often busy, over-stressed body, to reconnect with that inner source of strength, stability and wellness- to help you to live and perform at your highest level.

I've been fortunate to be a member of the US Open Tennis Championship players' massage team for the past two years.


"Bret has a magic, gentle, yet firm touch that is at the same time very relaxing and highly therapeutic. I have trouble with tension in my shoulders and lower back, and I always feel that my aches are gone after a session with Bret."

- Nancy, Designer/Artist

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue

Trigger Point Therapy

Sports Massage


Gua Sha

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Gua (gwa), meaning to scrape or extract and Sha (shaw), meaning sand or toxins. This technique is often used to release stagnant Qi. Oil is applied to an area of skin, where repeated, pressured strokes with a smooth-edged tool (sometimes a spoon or coin) scrape the surface until a rash is produced. It can appear quite intense at times, resembling a light bruise, but the Sha generally fades in 2 to 4 days.

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  Bret Bailey, Licensed Massage Therapist  
Bret Bailey, Licensed Massage Therapist
Bret Bailey, Licensed Massage Therapist  Bret Bailey, Licensed Massage Therapist amt logBret Bailey, Licensed Massage Therapisto
Bret Bailey, Licensed Massage Therapist

Locations on the Upper West Side:: 210 West 101st St., 10025, and 136 West 72nd Street, 10023
Rhinebeck massage services are available in-home only.
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